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The form below is for general gifts only. If you wish to support a Generation Cures member or a particular member's fundraiser with your gift, please visit the Search for a Generation Cures Member to Support page.

Your gift to Generation Cures supports a broad range of research programs at Children's Hospital Boston, enabling doctors and scientists to explore new cures and treatments for the world's most debilitating diseases and illnesses. The discoveries made at Children's Hospital Boston have a far-reaching impact and benefit others working in labs, hospitals, and medical teaching facilities around the globe. Help us extend the work done in Boston through Generation Cures today.

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Five Wristbands. Five Reasons To Celebrate. :+)


When your kids join Generation Cures and play Caduceus, they'll advance through five levels of the game. After solving puzzles at each level, they'll earn healer wristbands to show they've mastered the challenges and moved closer to curing the mystery virus.

A purple wristband is sent upon joining Generation Cures. With a minimum gift of $35, additional wristbands will be automatically sent to your Generation Cures kid as he or she successfully completes each level. :+)

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